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Rice Muzzle Loading Barrel Company would like to take the opportunity to say that we have completed our move to a larger plant operation. We believe the move will better serve our customers. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition without burden to our customers.
As always, thank you for your patronage!

Rice Muzzle Loading Barrel Co.


First we have a 1 3/8" straight barrel.
This barrel is available up to 44" long and in all calibers.
The price is $400.

Second we have the Fast Twist Bullet barrels. These are made from 4140 Chrome Moly steel and are available in 15/16" straight barrel with .45 caliber only or a 1" straight barrel in .45 or .50 caliber.
Both have .0035-.004 deep rifling.
Either is available for $200.

Next we have a new Swamp barrel we named the Southern Classic. It is available in 'A' weight up to .50 caliber. This barrel weighs in at 3 lbs. 13 oz. Historically this barrel resembles many of the barrels being made in the late 18th & early 19th Century in the Virgina Valley area. Such schools include, Berkeley, Hampshire, Winchester & Shenandoah Valley. Rifle builders include Sheets and Haymaker. Benefits of this barrel include:
light weight swamp ( 50 cal. 3 ibs. 13 oz.)
Compare to a GA "B" 50 cal. 4 lbs. 7 oz.
Minimual swamp like many of the orignals.
Sights can be mounted very low as most orignials were. At 10" - 12" from the breech, the barrel diameter is the same as 1 1/2" back from the muzzle. This will allow for a rear sight that is 3/16" high & a front sight that is 1/8" high!

PRICES: square bottom rifling...$205.00 or radius bottom rifling...$245.00


We have a gentleman that has agreed to build a copy of a Sheets rifle. We will have a copy of a Sheets rifle with the new Southern Classic barrel at the spring and fall National shoot in Friendship, Dixons Gunbuilders Fair & the CLA show for people to see and handle.

To make this barrel we have to make tooling! We need to have a minimum order of 50 barrels before we will tool up to make the new barrel. If we don't get orders for at least 50 we are not going to tool up. The barrel will be a standard production barrel once the minimum order has been met.

Check out the Velocity Test Page

We are currently manufacturing new tooling to produce a .36 caliber & a .40 caliber with Pope type rifling for Schuetzen shooting.

The expected availability for delivery is Spring of 2009.

A new product we now offer is a 1 1/8" SCHNEIDER FALSE MUZZLE BARREL & LOCKING COLLAR.

This will meet the 14 lb. weight limit for Light Bench & Buffalo Cross Stick matches.

Available in .45 caliber & .50 caliber.

The finished bore diameter is .4515 & .5015 respectively.


Unique in its design. The Schneider False Muzzle utilizes three locating dowels that are positioned 120 degrees apart. One dowel is larger than the other two which permits the installation of the false muzzle to the barrel only one way.

To insure that the false muzzle aligns perfectly with the muzzle of the barrel, the false muzzle is machined to a virgin barrel blank. This is performed prior to all other machining operations such as drilling, reaming and rifling.

The locking collar has a slot machined into the collar that elliminates the need to remove the sight blinder prior to installation. This speed up the loading process.

Another new product we are offering are FLINT GRIPPERS.This is a non-traditional product that is designed to replace the lower leather that holds the flint in place. The 4 pack comes in one thick (.110), one thin (.075) and two angled (7 degree back angle). One of these will be used. It will increase the frizzen striking area. It will correct for misalignment of the cock to frizzen. It will increase the amount of spark. It securely holds the flint in place.

This product WORKS!

Made in Germany exclusively for RICE BARREL COMPANY

Another new product we are offering is a HOLLOW UNDER RIB

A must have to recreate a correct English Shotgun or Stalking Rifle.

Made from 1117 Cold Roll Steel

Will accept barrels measuring 3/4"-1".

For Straight, Swamp, Tapered or Full Round barrels.

Standard length is 24" and weighs approximately 3 oz.

Check out the NEW PRODUCTS page for additional info.


Installed breech plug: Each plug is hand fit and timed @ .500 (1/2") deep. This ensures that the shoulder of the plug and the inside breech shoulder mate at precisely the same time to seal the breech 100%.


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